March 20, 2015

Floods and Droughts in Andhra Pradesh, Regions affected by floods in Andhra Pradesh



When more rainfall occurs than the optimum rainfall, it is called over-rainfall. Rivers may be flooded due to over-rainfall. Rainfall below the optimum level is referred to under-rainfall. Under-rainfall, some times leads to drought. Drought is otherwise known as famine.

In Andhra Pradesh large and small rivers, streams, stream-lets, and tanks experience floods and surrounding areas inundate due to over-rainfall caused by monsoons, cyclones and depressions. Coastal areas are frequently affected by over-rainfall.

The following regions are frequently affected by floods in Andhra Pradesh:
The deltaic areas of the Krishna and Godavari rivers, Kolleru lake area, Vamsadhara and Sarada river basins, Budameru, Tammileru and basins of some of the rivers and streams of Chittoor and Nellore districts.

Low lying areas are inundated by floods. Agricultural lands and crops are damaged. Villages and towns may be drowned. Roads and railways, power and telephone lines may be interrupted. Heavy losses of wealth and human lives are caused. Crops are damaged not only in low-lying areas but also in upland areas where floods occur to some stream-lets in upland areas. The Government is taking all necessary steps to protect agricultural lands, villages and towns from the danger of floods.


Lack of rain in the prime reason for drought. In Andhra Pradesh drought occurs frequently in Rayalaseema. where rainfall is merge. In Andhra Pradesh, the Government declared the following areas in 11 districts as drought areas:
  1. Anantapur, Tadipatri, Dharmavaram, Kalyanadurgam, Penukonda, Madakasira, Hindupur, Kadiri, Gooty and Uravakonda areas of Anantapur district.
  2. Chittoor, Chandragiri, Madanapalle, Vayala-padu, Punganuru, Palamaneru, Kuppam, Punur and Satyaveedu areas of Chittoor district.
  3. Cuddapah, Kamalapuram, Rayachoti, Rajampet, Badwel, Jammalamadugu, Prodhutur and Pulivendula areas of Cuddapah district.
  4. Kurnool, Dronachalam, Nandikotkur, Adoni, Alur, Pattikonda, Koilkuntla, Banaganapalle, Allagadda, Atmakur and Nandyala areas of Kurnool district.
  5. Ongole, Darsi, Podili, Kanigiri, Kandukur, Giddalur, Markapuram and Addanki areas of Prakasam district.
  6. Udayagiri, Atmakur, and Kavali areas of Nellore district.
  7. Sattenapalli, Vinukonda and Palnad areas of Guntur district.
  8. Kalwakurthy, Nagarkurnool, Vanaparthi, Makthal, Shadnagar, Alampur, Achampet, Kollapur, Gudwal and Atmakur areas of Mahaboobnagar district.
  9. Suryapet, Bhuvanagiri, Miryalaguda, Huzurnagar, Ramannapet, Devarakonda and Nalgonda areas of Nalgonda district.
  10. Janagam area of Warangal district.
  11. Narayankhed area of Medak district.

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