March 22, 2015

Andhra Pradesh Forests, Region wise, District wise forests in Andhra Pradesh


According to the estimates of National Remote Sensing Agency (N.R.S.A) there is a forest area of 40,435 Square Kilometers in our state. This constitutes 14.61 % of total area of state. As per the National Policy, forests should constitute 33.3% of the total geographical area. Our state stands 15th place in India in respect of the area occupied by forests. In Andhra Pradesh, forests occupy mountainous areas to a large extent. Forests are confined to Seshachalam hills, Palakondalu and Nallamala hills from Tirupathi in the South to Simhachalam in the North, and in the West they extend upto Balaghat mountains. Nallamala forests are the biggest forests in Andhra Pradesh. The hills and their surrounding areas in Telangana region are covered with thick forests.

Region wise of the total forest area in Andhra Pradesh, Coastal Andhra constitutes 30.67%, Rayalaseema 23.53% and Telangana 45.80%. District wise the highest forest area is found in Khammam and the lowest in Krishna district. Forests are also found mostly in Adilabad, Cuddapah, Chittoor, Warangal, East Godavari, Visakhapatnam, Kurnool and Karimnagar Districts.

Types of Forests

Distribution of forest chiefly depends on the rainfall distribution. Forests in Andhra Pradesh mainly come under deciduous type of forests. This type of forest grows in the areas where rainfall ranges from 75 Cms. to 200 Cms. In areas with less than 75 Cms. of rainfall, forests with short thorny trees exist. This type of forest is called Scrub Forest. There are tidal forests also along the seacoasts. The chief varieties of trees that are grown in the forests of our state are Hardvickia, Agisa, Adina, Jittegi, Gallnut, Manilkara, Billu, Teak, Velama, Somania, Saman, Margosa, Butea, Redsanders, Tamba, Bamboo etc., The important varieties grown in scrub forests are Acacia, Sundra, Bhir, Canthium, etc.,

Forest Produce

Timber, Fire-wood, Bamboo, Beedi, Leaves, Tamarind, Soap nuts, Lac, Honey medicinal herbs, Tanning material (cassia), Terminalia and a variety of fruits and roots are available in forests.

Russa grass which grows in the forests of Nizamabad is used in the manufacture of scented oils. Bassia flowers and Beedi leaves are available in the forest of Telangana region (State). The Red Sanders grows nowhere in India except in the forest of Cuddapah, Chittoor and Nellore districts of Andhra Pradesh. The wood of the red sanders, which is used in the manufacture of paints, musical instruments and toys, is exported to other countries. The most valuable sand wood trees are grown in the forests of Chittoor and Anantapur districts.

Wild Animals

In the forests of Andhra Pradesh, there are many animals like varieties of insects and flies, birds, snakes, stags, porcupines, bison's, deer, tigers, leopards, sambar deers, cheetahs, antelopes, mongooses, foxes, bears, monkeys, etc.,

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