November 06, 2014

Indian history about Mauryan Age 300 B.C - 200 B.C hand notes for Group-I, Group-II, Group-IV, Jr.Lecturers & Degree Lecturers and Civil services prelims

MAURYAN'S AGE [300 B.C - 200 B.C]

Mauryan's were ruled entire Indian subcontinent except Tamil nadu and Kerala.

North : Himalayas
South : Kaveri region
East : Bangladesh
West : Afghanistan

Ashoka's inscriptions says, the southern India was ruled by some kingdoms: Cholas, Pandayas, keralaputta (Chera).

  • Literary Sources
  • Epigraphical Sources

Megastanese - Indica:
  • Greek ambassdor, in the court of Chandra Gupta Maurya sended by Selucus Nicator.
Controversies in Indica:
  • There is no slavery in India.
  • There are 7 castes in India.
  • There are no famines in India.
  • There is no usury system.
Shatapata Brahmana - First evidence to money lending in India.

Arthashastra: Kautilya / Chanukya / Vishnu Gupta