August 31, 2014

The Dawn of Indian History

As already mentioned Andhra Pradesh, along with some other adjacent parts of Deccan, is geologically the oldest region in India and, as such, must have been the earliest tract to facilitate the evolution of the Homo sapiens. The skeletal remains of a dinosaur, found a few years ago in the north-western part of the state.

Literary references also do indicate the existence, in the Godavari basin, of a very ancient civilization that passed away into oblivion. Sutta Nipata of the Buddhist canon mentions the present-day Nizamabad district in Andhra Pradesh. His disciples were said to have gone to Magadha to meet the Buddha.

In the Ramayana also we find a legend which states that in the Dandakaranya, through which the river Godavari flows, there existed in the long-forgotten past a prosperous and populous kingdom which was later destroyed by the curse of a saint, perhaps a fact lingering in the racial memory recorded therein the grab of a legendary episode.

All these point out clearly towards the existence of an ancient and indigenous civilization on the banks of the Godavari, in Andhra Pradesh, prior to the Vedic period. History dawned on Andhra Pradesh prior to the 2nd millennium B.C.

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